Truck with a Cop

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A friend of mine drove big trucks towing huge trailers on long haul trips all over Europe and the Middle East and in a time before GPS navigation he was well used to finding his way around.

He was once driving in an unfamiliar part of the UK and came to a roundabout with a low bridge warning sign for the road he intended to take.

Cop motorbikeAs luck would have it, there was a motorcycle cop stopped nearby so he asked the county mountie about an alternative route. The policeman asked him why he wanted to know.

“There’s a height restriction”, he replied, as calmly as he could, patiently pointing to the large sign.

“So there is,” said the cop and asked again what was the problem. My friend was incredulous at the stupidity of the question and wondered if this policeman plod was a complete idiot.

Just as he was about to lose his cool entirely with policeman plod he suddenly remembered he was towing an empty low-loader.

Low loader

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